Cheetah T-Shirt

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Our cheetah shirt is fabulously cheetah to the max! Perfectly ready for all of your adventures day and night!

Need more Cheetah in your life. How about a Cheetah Sweatshirt?

Currently we have 2 types of sizing, a more gendered woman/man size and our new gender neutral/unisex sizing.

Although we are moving away from gendered sizing, we understand that it might be easier for you to decide on which size is right for you by comparing to sizing you may have shopped for before. We still have some items from our past seasons, which are carried in gendered sizing. As we continue to grow, these sizing will be discontinued to be only gender neutral. We are very proud of our new beginnings with our gender neutral future. Thank you for coming on our journey

For a past season fit, In Women's sizes, this shirt is more of a boxy cut. In Men's this is cut like a classic t-shirt.

For the gender neutral/unisex sizing this shirt is cut like a classic t-shirt.

Made of 100% cotton.

We know that cats, kids and adults come in all sizes, to find out your fit, try our size guide here.

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