Baby Cats of California

A print designer by trade, cat mom/kid mom Kat founded Baby Cats when she discovered a lack of gender-neutral clothes for her son. With her love of bright colors and happy prints, Baby Cats celebrates cat lovers and kids of all ages (adults included!). 

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Baby Cats of California

From Catsicles to Rainbow Magic. Purrfectly designed for kids of all ages; kick, stretch, dance in our comfy cotton pieces. Made for all genders, there are no limits to how you can flex your Cattitude.

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  • Designed by a Mom

    Designed by a Mom

    Both a mom and a print designer, I wanted bold, bright, playful clothes for my kids, so I founded Babycats in 2016.

  • Gender Neutral

    Gender Neutral

    Our clothes are designed for all people. Wear freely, with love.

  • Inclusive Sizing

    Inclusive Sizing

    We’ve added a broader size range in our adults category because at Babycats we support all body shapes and sizes.

  • Affiliate Sales

    Affiliate Sales

    Our best salespeople have always been our fans. Let us reward you for your referrals by joining our affiliate community here.

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