About Baby Cats


Baby Cats of California, which I founded in 2018, was born from of a lack of cute gender neutral clothing for my son. Because I had a decade of creating textile prints for corporate clients, I decided to start designing my own. With Baby Cats of California, I decided to finally put forth designs that stay true to my own aesthetic. The unique garments of Baby Cats all began with fabric hand printed in my studio in Oakland, CA using silkscreens that take 2 people to pass the squeegee. I hand draw and burn each print into the screen, it is a very laborious but rewarding way to produce 8 yards of multi colored fabric at a time. After the the birth of my second child, I did not have enough time to produce all the fabric myself. So with the help of a good friend, I now use ethically sourced fabric and labor to produce some of the garments from my line. Although when possible, I still print what I can the old way. As the founder, producer and working mom who is behind this brand, I wanted each garment to be quirky and have as much personality as the babies who are wearing them!